Leap'n'Croak 1.70

Leap'n'Croak is a game about a frog getting bugs to eat on a pond
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Leap'n'Croak is a game about a tiny frog living in a pond. The frog needs to look for some bugs to eat which are on the leaves floating in the water.
The difficulty is that the leaves on which the frog is standing disappear after a few seconds, so you should move as quickly as possible to avoid falling in the water. If you do fall the level will start again.

Every insect has five different scores; dragonflies with a value of 15 points, that is the highest score. There are also crickets with a value of 5 points. Once in a while you'll see a heart, if you take it you'll get another life.

Other enemies in this game are the red frog, the ladybug, and the spider. This will also be on the floating leaves and will jump from one to another simultaneously with you, if they catch you you'll lose a life.

Leap'n'Croak shows a little annoying "buy me" message every time you open the game. The main menu has options to control the sound and auto save, select the level of difficulty´, and check the top ten of best scores.

Controlling the frog is very easy; use the mouse and click on the direction you want the frog to move.

Abigail Diaz
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  • Very entertaining and challenging
  • Easy to control


  • Very simple graphics
  • Buy-me message gets annoying
  • Price is a bit too high
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